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What are your charges?

There is a one-off administration fee of £50. 

Supervised contact is £70 per session.

Supported contact is £10 per session.

Handover is £5 per session.

Do I need to bring toys?

We ask that children bring their own toys in a bag that they can carry with no devices (iPads, mobiles, video/voice recorders, cameras etc), and sorry no footballs, tennis or soft balls please.

Under the conditions of our hire agreement, we are not permitted to use any of those items, thank you for your cooperation.

How do I apply to your Contact Centre?

Using the button on the front page of the website download the relevant form and guidelines. Then email or post the completed forms to the Co-ordinator. When forms are received from both parents, you go on the waiting list and when there is a vacancy we will contact you.

I am a self-referral, do I have to contact my ex-partner before I fill in the form?

Yes, this is a good idea as we cannot setup interviews and contact sessions without their completed forms. If there is no communication between you and your ex-partner you can send us their email address and we will contact them on your behalf.

When are you open?

We are open fortnightly on a Sunday from 2 – 4pm. Sometimes, due to religious celebrations, the church is not available. In these instances we will contact you in advance. Please do stay up to date with contact dates and times via the calendar on the website.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can use the Centre?

Contact Centres are short to medium term solutions before moving on. Some families are there for a limited time to comply with a Court Order. We hold Review Meetings to see how the contact is going and to help with the next steps.

Am I likely to see my ex-partner at the Centre?

No. There are separate entrances and exits for both parents. The resident parent uses the entrance into the church in Eden Street and the non-resident parent uses the entrance into the foyer in Union Street.

Can the non-resident parent’s relatives participate in the contact?

Yes. Occasionally, we allow one close relative to visit for a short time during the contact, but this has to have the prior agreement of the resident parent.

Do you have staggered arrival and leaving times?

Yes, at the end of the session, the non-resident parent usually stays in the hall for 10/15 minutes to allow the resident parent to leave with the child(ren).

As the resident parent can I stay until my child is settled?

We will telephone you to return if your child has not settled well and will remain with a volunteer until you arrive.

Can I use my mobile phone/bring a tablet to the session?

No. We have a strict mobile phone policy which you can view on our policies page.

Do you offer both, Supported and Supervised Contact sessions?

Yes, we offer both, Supervised and Supported contact sessions. We also offer a handover service.